From the recording Audio Portrait Of Love

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© Jacnique Nina Harris-Love
Lyrics: Jacnique Nina Harris-Love
Music: Written, Produced & Performed by Ricardo Love
Additional Background Vocals: Cydney Rooks
Published by SirenFire Music Publishing LLC


You feel betrayed, you feel misused
So disillusioned, so confused
Past loves have brought you nothing but pain
Your dedication was given all in vain

Now your trust is gone, your faith is gone
How could love that felt so right go so wrong
Honey I know the things for which you long
Forget about the past baby we can make this love strong

Let me help you believe in love again
Let me ease the pain of past lovers sins
Let me help you believe in love again
Real sincere love, never pretend

All this stress has got your mind caught
But why don’t you just fall back into these loving arms
There is nothing but comfort here for you
Ooh baby for you there is nothing I wouldn’t do

I got your bath, your towel, your robe…your dinner too
And later on I got plenty sweet kisses for you
Whatever happens after, just let it be
Close your eyes, think only of you and me

Let me help you believe in love again
The best of lovers and the best of friends
I will help you believe in love again
Give me your heart babe, let’s begin

(change w/ echo)

We’re falling…from this…moment
Deeper and deeper in love
I got you…baby
Just let go

I’m right here, trust me
Place your faith in me
I won’t disappoint you
No my love, my dear

Dance with me, sing to me
Play for me, all I really need
Is this…moment…and you
Close to me

If you got forever
Baby I’ll take it
Cause without you is like wilderness

You’re what I need
Daily, heal me, free me
Love me, hold me
Make me believe

Ooh baby
Ooh baby
Ooh-ooh baby
Ooh-ooh-ooh baby

Ooh baby
Ooh baby
Ooh-ooh baby
Ooh-ooh-ooh baby