Jacnique Nina is the lovely, living embodiment of the Yin and the Yang as they cycle through the music universe. As a giver, she has graced the world with lush, soulful and heartfelt love songs in every flavor, and as a radio host, she is graciously showcasing the music of others on her Love Jacnique Nina Radio platform. For these offerings, she has received awards, accolades and – most importantly- a fervent loyal fan base that adores her music and sings her praises.

2021 promises to be a banner year for both Jacnique (pronounced zha-neek) and her fans/friends. She is releasing a new single duet with Howard Hewett on her new record label and film company, Love Jacnique Nina Music And Film Media. Jacnique’s new album has a projected release date of March 2022. The entire album was produced by Glass (Natalie Cole, Phyllis Hyman, Whitney Houston) and features a second romantic duet with longtime Temptations tenor Ron Tyson. A multi-media masterwork, Jacnique Nina’s Love Speaks is an omni-dimensional artistic endeavor that includes the album and a feature film.

On February 14th of 2021, Jacnique released the 25-song anthology/mixtape Audio Portrait of Love, overflowing with highlights from her previous albums, singles and EPs. This collection represents Jacnique’s personal favorite songs from her catalog culled from her debut album Trial by Fire (produced by Ricardo Love), the Rise in Love EP, her second album Eternal Love, and her third album Wish of
the Heart (the widely acclaimed CD that began her collaborations with Preston Glass, leading to airplay around the globe including on Sirius/XM’s Watercolors channel and also making the coveted Allen Kepler “Smooth Jazz Top 100” chart, as well as charting on independent Smooth Jazz and Soul Music charts in Europe). Highlights include “Believe in Love,” “Audio Portrait,” “The Reason,” “Toy Box,” “So Sweet” and her lyricized duet version of Kenny G’s “Songbird” featuring Phillip Ingram on vocals and trumpeter, Willie Bradley. The perfectly titled Audio Portrait of Love anthology will be the first to be released on Jacnique’s record label and film company, Jacnique Nina Music and Film Media LLC - available as a digital download on her website,, as well as, on Apple Music, Amazon & most digital music platforms. Physical CD copies of the collection are also available as volumes 1 and 2. Audio Portrait of Love is also the title of her brand-new radio show and documentary series featuring the biographical stories of iconic artists and noteworthy independent music artists.

Jacnique owns most of her music catalog. Her publishing company is SirenFire Music Publishing LLC.

As if all of that was not enough love, Jacnique has also created her broadcast platform, Jacnique Nina Radio, a streaming internet radio station, which will launch on June 1st. Broadcasting from, Jacnique presents recordings of the finest in Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Smooth R&B/Soul, Spoken Word, Gospel, Dance and Funk as performed by great artists from all over the world. She also opens her studio to artists where she interviews them on-camera, and features them playing and singing in intimate live settings.

For all of her heartfelt efforts, Jacnique Nina has amassed a wall full of awards and accolades. Marketed as “The Sensationally Soulful, Jazzy, Sultry Siren,” Jacnique is the winner of the 2021 "Rising Star" Akademia Music Award. She was also nominated for the 2020 "Jazz Artist of The Year" Akademia Music Award. Jacnique is the winner of three 2020 Los Angeles Black Music Awards: "Best Female Jazz Performer," "The People's Choice Award" and "The Lena Horne Award." She is also the winner of the 2020 Akademia Music Award for its “Artist Vision Award” (honoring exceptional talent, originality and vision in the field of music). In addition, Jacnique is the 2020 Akademia Music Award Winner of “Best Jazz Song” for her composition “So Says the Fool,” the 2019 winner of SeemssAfrica‘s “Africa Meets the World” Awards, “Best Singer/Recording Artist,” winner of the 2019 Akademia Music Award for “Best R&B/Soul Album” for Wish of The Heart, and the 2019 Akademia Music Award honoree for its coveted “Executive Award.”

Jacnique Nina has long-dazzled audiences up and down the West Coast with her transfixing voice, exotic beauty and inspired songcraft. Jacnique is ever on a mission to turn hearts and minds to the true spirits of impassioned romance, scorching sensuality and unconditional love.  With the very best of her past music now lovingly, generously anthologized as Audio Portrait of Love and with a phenomenal new Love Speaks project ready to go, this wondrously gorgeous and giving spirit is primed for her presence to be known and loved around the world.

(May 2021)